Dyninno Group

Delivering innovation on a global scale.

Dyninno Group (short for “Dynamic Innovations”) is an American global information technology group of companies founded in San Francisco in 2004. Our Travel, FinTech, and EnterTech divisions provide a range of products and services to millions of customers in more than 50 markets worldwide.

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San Francisco, Bogota, Montreal, Riga, London, Bucharest, Cairo, Chisinau, New Delhi, Manila, Cebu


London, Riga, Chisinau,


San Francisco, Cebu, Chisinau,


Riga, New Delhi

At Dyninno, our guiding ethos is that emerging technologies — everything from robotics and automation to artificial intelligence and machine learning — are the key to unlocking a new era of opportunity in the global travel market and financial technologies sector.


We deploy these technologies through integrated, seamless, and proprietary platforms, which enable us to scale the most important value we provide to the market: personalized, professional-level communication with our customers and partners.


Founded in 2004
in San Francisco, California


Operating in 12 global office locations (2020)


Serving customers in more than 50 markets worldwide


Call center operators and independent travel agents




IT specialists


Global languages spoken

Technology, innovation,

Innovating and scaling dynamic, technology-based enterprises that empower and expand access to customers and small businesses in the travel, fintech, and entertainment sectors.

To be the most valued and trusted service offering and platform that our customers depend on to achieve their dreams.

Key Competencies

Industry Know-How

Our first-in-class back-office teams leverage deep industry knowledge powered by millions of dollars of infrastructure investment – everything from cutting-edge R&D and software development to the latest marketing algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI).


We provide a personalized approach to engaging our customer base, supported by the latest technologies and growth of our global network of service agents.

Lead generation

We use advanced performance data analytics as a core strategy for our sales growth.

Our Core Beliefs


The promise of technology can be harnessed for good.


Professional level communication in customer service is of enduring value and must be prized.


Financial technologies and solutions are the next frontiers for the global travel industry.


50,000 airline flights
and travel packages sold per month


Partnerships with
over 60 major airlines around the world


A+ rating by
Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Our History

Dyninno Group is the brainchild and vision of our founder, Alex Weinstein, an American-immigrant and Internet pioneer who learned his trade in the travel industry in California in the early 1990s. Through hard work and a global vision, Alex took Dyninno from its early days as a one-person, brick-and-mortar shop in Silicon Valley to what it is today: a multinational technology conglomerate operating at the intersection of travel, finance, and entertainment worth millions of dollars.

Today, Dyninno provides innovative thought leadership and dynamic, real-world applications to positively impact key challenges directly related to its industry such as the future of work, global talent attraction, and the digital society.

Alex’s success in building Dyninno into a truly global enterprise is based on his commitment to a first-in-class in-house team of developers, analysts, and professional service representatives – backed by millions of dollars of infrastructure investment in an IT stack second to none. True to its roots, Dyninno is a strong believer in attracting the best talent across the industry and supporting professional development and employee growth across its portfolio group of companies.

Memberships and Accreditations

Non-banking lending licenses from Russian, Romanian, Moldovan and Philippines Central Banks and regulators

Authorised Electronic Money Institution, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Accredited Travel Agency Consolidator, Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC)

Prudential Regulation Authority
Member, American Chamber of Commerce in India (AmCham India)
IATA Accredited Agent in Canada and UK, etc.

Our Business

Our Travel division provides the full spectrum of products and services, all designed with one goal in mind: to secure the best airfare and related travel products for our clients and customers, while ensuring a seamless and enjoyable booking process.

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FinTech division creates tools to attract and grow investments in financial technologies and next-generation fintech services.

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EnterTech division is focused on providing innovative and easy-to-use platforms and technologies, connecting talent with some of the biggest names in the business.

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