Dyninno EnterTech

Dyninno EnterTech division is digitalizing the entertainment industry’s casting process and doing it in style. Already home to over 6 million talents, we’ve re-invented the road to Hollywood through robust tech, sleek user experience, brilliant marketing, and a team brimming with passion.

A tight-knit team of professionals like marketing specialists, programmers, designers, content creators, and support specialists works together to connect more than 6 million talents with the 50 thousand entertainment professionals all using our services.

EnterTech has experienced 500% growth across both platforms over the last two years

and will continue to grow in accordance with new market aspirations and an insatiable hunger for reaching new goals in the most exciting industry in the world.

EnterTech’s innovative technology lets industry professionals take the talent casting process to the next level.

EnterTech strives to disrupt, and revolutionize the entertainment industry. By creating a new-age platform that answers the unique needs of the entertainment industry. Platform that people will crave because it’s so handsome, so intuitive, so functional, so pleasing to use, and perfectly matched to user needs. Focusing on honesty, commitment, innovation, and technological advancement, the EnterTech will become a premier vehicle for the entertainment industry.