DYNINNO FinTech wins the Best online lending solutions provider award in Eastern Europe

Aug 27, 2021

Wealth & Finance International Magazine announced the winners of the annual FinTech Awards, recognising the most outstanding individuals and companies across the diverse global FinTech industry. The Best Online Lending Solutions Provider in Eastern Europe award was proudly presented to Dyninno Financial Technologies. It was awarded based on the merit of its endeavours and ample evidence of recent accomplishments in 2020. 

“Winning this award reflects the incredible progress we’ve made, especially in the last year, despite COVID-19,” said Dmitry Tsymber, co- founder of Dyninno FinTech. “Having recruited incredible talents in technology over the last several years, we owe our success and growth to the innovative solutions and approaches we are able to provide to our customers with the help of our amazing team of specialists” – Dmitry comments. 

Utilizing state of the art in-house technologies, Dyninno FinTech offers lending services: short and long-term loans, as well as credit lines through brands like EcoFinance, CreditPrime and CreditPlus to over 5 mln. underserved consumers in Eastern Europe. All products and services are empowered by outstanding technology and live interaction with clients, which together help to minimize risks, build trust and provide impeccable customer service via a range of in-house developed customer call centres.

Over the last couple of years, digital financial services have changed the whole FinTech industry. With intelligent algorithms, chatbots and virtual assistants having become commonplace, authentic human service has become a true luxury. That is why building trust and long-term client relationships are key value propositions for Dyninno FinTech. Last-mile communication along with truly understanding the client allows Dyninno FinTech to fulfil a complex array of demands set by its growing customer base, all handled by real people in contact centres across the world.

About Dyninno FinTech

Dyninno FinTech is an international provider of next-generation financial solutions. Founded in 2015, Dyninno FinTech has over 5 million clients spread across 7 countries and serviced by 350+ dedicated employees. Utilizing innovative in-house tech solutions to power its marketing and lead-generation efforts, Dyninno FinTech has become the leading provider of financing solutions in several international markets under the brands CreditPlus and CreditPrime. Combining innovative tech with human interaction through its call- centres, Dyninno FinTech aims to bring ease of use and the power of modern tech to the world’s underbanked. Dyninno FinTech is a part of the international DYNINNO Group.

About Fintech Awards

Hosted by Wealth & Finance in 2021, the FinTech Awards aim to recognise and spotlight individuals, companies and enterprises across the hugely diverse global FinTech industry who seek to transform the way we manage our finances.

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