• Dyninno launches a new product, Dreampass, that is available in the App Store and Google Play.


  • Trevolution exceeds one billion USD in gross bookings.
  • Trevolution launches new travel operations offices in Turkey, the Netherlands, and Brazil.
  • Dyninno launches a new corporate travel product – Triplicity.
  • Dyninno launches a new business line and product – an online investment platform, Nectaro (licensed by the Bank of Latvia).
  • Dyninno India is Great Place to Work® Certified™ (from May 2023 to May 2024).


  • Dyninno Fintech splits into two divisions: Multipass and Ecofinance.
  • Dynapay is rebranded as neo-bank Multipass.
  • Yevgeny Senderov joins Dyninno Group as Group's CEO.
  • Dyninno Travel gets restructured and rebranded as Trevolution Group.
  • Trevolution opens a new office in Uzbekistan.
  • Trevolution makes 930 mn USD in gross booking.


  • Dynatech starts hiring in India under Dyninno India brand.
  • Entertech sends 2 bn emails per year.
  • Dyninno Travel makes 480 mn USD in gross bookings.


  • Dyninno Travel starts operations in Romania.
  • International Travel Network starts selling domestic flights in the USA.


  • Dyninno Travel opens an office in Delhi (Gurugram), India.
  • Dyninno Travel starts operations in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Dyninno Travel begins operations in Manila, the Philippines.
  • Dynapay, a UK-based payment solution, is launched.


  • Kidscasting begins matching talents and content makers.
  • Dyninno Fintech starts operations in Moldova.


  • Allcasting is launched.
  • Dyninno Fintech starts operations in Romania.


  • Total originated loans reach USD 1 mn.
  • Dynatech is founded in Riga, Latvia.


  • Alex Weinstein and Dmitry Tsymber start a fintech business.


  • Dyninno Travel starts operations at IT Park in Cebu City, the Philippines.
  • Entertech begins operations at IT Park in Cebu City, the Philippines.


  • Dyninno is officially founded.


  • Asaptickets starts selling tickets.