7 It Leadership Hacks That Deliver Results

From leaning on peers to accepting inconvenient challenges, CIOs offer time-tested, hard-won advice for achieving and sustaining IT and career success. Fail fast is a frequent maxim in business, but what about reverse engineering that concept? We sought technology leaders who could advise on succeeding fast, along with creating a strong organization, developing team leaders, leveraging the support of peers, and specifically how to streamline day-to-day management of a technology group. Here is the main the question we posed: If you were writing your own book on how to lead, what advice would you impart to other technology executives?  Influential CIOs and other technology leaders responded with time-tested, hard-won knowledge and guidance. And their tips ranged from sweeping advice on building an organization to specific tips for managing time.

To read what Andrey Ivashin, CIO at Dyninno Group, says, click here

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