8 Affordable Places To Live Abroad That You’ve Never Heard Of

If you are an American who dreams of living a life outside the country, chances are that you have well-traveled destinations romanticized in mind: London, Paris or some tropical island with crisp blue waters. The problem is that when you look at the cost of living in these popular destinations it’s not that much cheaper than living in the United States. In some cases, it’s more expensive than living in America. GOBankingRates reached out to a few travel experts who listed their top destinations outside the United States that are secret treasures and won’t drain your savings account if you plan on moving there.

Albania — which has earned the nickname of “Europe’s hidden gem”– is among the first places that come to the mind of Mercedes Zach, a travel expert at Asaptickets, when it comes to off-the-radar locations for moving abroad. “This Balkan country allures with its stunning mountain scenery, spectacular ancient castles and picturesque beaches that can easily compete with the Mediterranean or even Maldives minus the tourist crowds,” said Zach.

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