Don’t Overpay for Your Summer Vacation: 8 Mistakes to Avoid

Flexibility is key when it comes to finding the best travel deals. Some people have rigid travel preferences, such as only flying on weekends, staying in a particular hotel chain, or visiting a destination during peak season. This inflexibility can result in paying premium prices and missing out on potential savings. To save money, Mercedes Zach, travel agent at ASAP Tickets, suggests flipping the script. Start by comparing flight costs across multiple destinations for your desired timeframe.  “That offers you more flexibility and allows you to save on airfare that tends to get expensive around specific dates and especially during the busy summer months,” she says. “Plus, this approach also gives you a chance to visit less popular destinations that are usually harder to reach or that you wouldn’t even consider going to.” Be open to alternative travel dates, destinations, and arrangements. Flying on weekdays, particularly Wednesdays and Thursdays, can often result in lower fares.

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