Dyninno Group: Moldova is Becoming a Highly Competitive Market Among Employers

Dyninno Group is expanding its business and opening a second office in Chisinau. Today Dyninno is one of the largest international employers in Moldova – the group of companies employs over 3,500 people worldwide, of whom 1,200 are located in Chisinau. This year, Moldovan office of the group of companies plans to attract around 450 more professionals.  

Dyninno Group was founded in 2004 in the U.S. Today, it provides services and products in tourism, finance, entertainment and technology and operates in 50 client markets around the world. Key areas of the company’s operations in Moldova are data processing, data analysis and processing,  with the goal of supporting the group’s businesses around the world.  

The Chisinau office supports services of the following divisions in fields of fintech, entertainment and tourism:  

  • Dyninno Travel focuses on agency sales of airline tickets and travel services to b2c and b2b clients. In 2021, the total cost of flight bookings through Dyninno Travel services increased by 77% compared to 2020 and exceeded $480 million;  
  • Dyninno Fintech provides access to b2c and b2b credit and payment services to clients in Europe and other regions of the world; 
  • Dyninno Entertainment brings together millions of talented people and thousands of entertainment companies through allcasting.com and kidscasting.com in the US and Canada.  

“The Moldovan market is becoming more and more attractive for international holdings. Today, the country employs 25,000 workers in the IT sector and another 18,000 in the financial sector. Every year, more than 16,000 young professionals graduate from Moldovan universities, and the entry of such major international players as Dyninno Group gives educated and knowledgeable people, who speak various languages, great opportunities for professional growth while staying in the country. We predict that in the coming years Moldova will become an ultra-competitive market for employers in certain areas. The average age of Dyninno employees in Moldova is 20-28 years. While working for international companies that provide systems of training, motivation, talent management and a strong corporate culture, they can get the necessary competencies for building a successful career, – says Alex Weinstein, chairman of the board and founder of Dyninno Group. “We also see that young professionals from Ukraine are now entering the Moldovan labour market, and we are glad that they have the opportunity to become a part of the Dyninno team.”  

The new office of the company will accommodate more than 300 specialists from DataPro, which is part of the Dyninno Group and resides at the Moldova IT Park. DataPro employees are responsible for data processing. The company uses latest software to optimize information flow and to effectively manage data. 

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