Dyninno Group Presentation to 5th Annual Pan-Baltic Meeting of AmChams

Dyninno Group will serve as an official visit venue of the 2020 Annual Pan-Baltic Meeting of AmChams on April 28-29 in Riga, Latvia. Dyninno Group’s “Dynatech” Riga office will host a one-day company presentation to the participating American Chambers of Commerce of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. 

Dyninno’s presentation by will focus on its role in bringing dynamic innovation to three key industries: travel, entertainment, and financial technology (fintech) and its strategies for addressing related global challenges such as the future of work, talent attraction, and digital society. 

An American multinational corporation, Dyninno’s Dynatech division is a Member of AmCham Latvia together other leading U.S. global companies such as Accenture, American Express, Cisco, Hilton, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Marriott, Microsoft, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Radisson, Raytheon, and 3M. 

Initiated by the three Baltic AmChams, this 5th annual Pan-Baltic regional meeting of AmChams in Riga is part of annual series of events aimed at stimulating cooperation, communication, and an exchange of experience among the American Chambers in the Baltics. 

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