Dyninno Travel Says Air Ticket Sales Bouncing Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Dyninno Travel, operating the ASAP Tickets and International Travel Network (ITN) brands, said today that airline ticket sales from the United States to India are bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels. The company’s research shows that the number of tickets sold to the passengers bound to India grew 30.8% in September 2021 compared with the same period in 2019 and continues growing. In December 2021, it may grow up to 2.5 times compared with December 2019.

“Flights to India are very popular with those visiting friends and family. So, India is an important and attractive destination for us. We opened an office in Gurugram in 2019, so that travel agents could provide tailored services to both local and international customers of Dyninno Travel. We plan to increase the number of travel agents in India to over 500 in 2022,” says Alex Weinstein, founder of Dyninno Group. The pandemic still weighs on travellers’ minds and passengers are avoiding long-term bookings.

According to Dyninno Travel’s research, only 7.4% of travellers booked tickets over 120 days in advance in 2021. In comparison, 18.8% of passengers booked flights with a 120+ days booking window in 2019. The booking window of 0-30 days has accounted for over 38.2% of advance purchases so far in 2021.

Advanced Purchase Periods

                                       2019     2020     2021
0-30 Days                   31.20%   44.26%  38.17%
31-60 Days                  23.05%  18.35%  29.44%
61-90 Days                  15.55%   8.64%   18.38%
90-120 Days                11.42%   10.37%   6.62%
120+ Days                    18.78%   18.38%  7.39%
The data further shows that customers’ preferred airlines are Qatar Airways, with a 19% share of bookings, followed by Air India, which accounts for 16%. United Airlines has clocked a 14% share of bookings, followed by Emirates Airlines (12%) and Etihad Airways (11%).
Top Five Airlines Preferred by Customers Qatar Airways 19% Air India 16% United Airlines 14% Emirates Airlines 12% Etihad Airways 11%   Dyninno Travel also reveals that California, Illinois, and New York are the top departure states, accounting for 50% of travellers bound to India from the US, while the fewest in TOP 10 departures are from North Carolina and Washington.

The average fare per ticket was up by 9.5% in 11M 2021 compared with the same period in 2020. But it is still 25% less than the average fare per ticket in 2019. The average price in 2021 was $1,745 per ticket. At the same time, the average number of tickets per sale in 2021 remains almost the same as pre-pandemic (2019) and mid-pandemic (2020) levels at 1.53.

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