Experiencing Luxury Overseas: European Cities the Rich Love To Visit — and How Much It Costs

According to Allianz Partners USA, Americans plan on spending a record amount on vacations this summer at $221.6 billion. The amount that every family spends will depend on their budget and financial situation. While you may have to set a strict budget for your travels, some rich people have the resources to experience luxury overseas. The rich tend to visit many European cities to experience luxury, but there has been a shift recently in the places they’re visiting.

“Stretching along the Mediterranean coast of southeastern France, it’s famous for its incredible sea views, turquoise water, sandy beaches, charming towns and delicious cuisine,” said Alonso Marly, travel expert at Skylux Travel. Can’t decide where to visit in the area? “Cannes, Antibes and Saint-Tropez are some of the most glamorous cities across the region, where the elite gather for luxury yachting, fine dining and high-end shopping,” Marly said.

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