Experts: 3 Times To Tip — and 3 Times Not To

Whether you’re dining at a five-star restaurant, lodging at a hotel or getting a haircut, there’s a section on the bill reserved for leaving a gratuity. Tipping practices have changed in recent years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic when business owners increased tipping recommendations as a way to retain their employees without having to raise prices.While some consumers are happy to tip more, others feel inflation pressure and don’t want to increase their spending. And most are confused about how to tip these days: when it’s appropriate to leave a tip, how much to tip and when it’s acceptable to decline tipping. 

GOBankingRates spoke to two consumer experts on the topic: Amanda Belarmino, hospitality professor and expert on consumer behavior and tourism at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), and Alonso Marly, travel expert at SkyLux Travel, to clear up the confusion about today’s tipping landscape. We’ve seen a big change in tipping practices since COVID. Some establishments that traditionally relied on having a tip jar provided the option to tip by credit card because people weren’t spending cash.

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