How to Ask For More Responsibility at Work: Pavel Bahu, HR Director, Trevolution Group

Do you feel stuck in the same everyday routine at work? Are you looking to take on more responsibility, learn new skills and challenge yourself? Then it’s time to take the initiative and ask your superiors for more responsibility. Asking for additional tasks or projects can be daunting; fortunately, there are steps you can take to communicate your request successfully.
According to experts, here are the best ways to ask for more responsibility at work. Pavel Bahu, Global HR Director, Trevolution Group, comments:
Make sure that your supervisor knows and sees that you do your current job well.

From an employee’s perspective, the first thing when looking for more responsibility at work is to prepare — make sure that your targets and your job responsibilities are done in a proper way, and make sure that your supervisor knows and sees that you do your current job well.

Besides, a simple solution would be to simply approach the supervisor and say — “hey, I have the skills and the guts to help the organization more. Can we discuss extended responsibilities”? It is as simple as that.

95% of people never do that, so I bet the supervisors would be very excited to see that someone is looking for more responsibilities and is ready to contribute with their skills more.

If we are looking from the employer’s perspective, you must give the employee a bigger picture of what you are looking for if you want the person to take up more responsibilities.

You need to connect it to a possible rise in salary or a promotion or explain how acquiring more responsibility can help the employee perform the current tasks better. You must ask for something when you are giving something.

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