I’m a Frugal Frequent Flyer: 7 Things I Never Waste Money On

Spending hours confined on flights without the comforts and conveniences of home is no one’s ideal travel situation. And some people spare no expense to help them make it through. But frugal frequent flyers have spent enough time going through the motions to know how to get by without being miserable or spending too much cash. Here are seven things that savvy, money-conscious flyers never waste money on. “Avoid wasting money on entertainment accessories, such as headphones, by bringing your own,” said Danielle Desir Corbett, an award-winning affordable travel and personal finance expert, and host of The Thought Card Podcast. “Remember to fully charge your AirPods and other electronics before your flight to ensure an enjoyable flight. If you’re a T-Mobile user, take advantage of complimentary in-flight text messaging and Wi-Fi when flying with American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, United and Delta,” she added.

According to Maya Kapoor-Miller, travel manager at Dreamport, the meal options on most planes are rather limited and have exorbitant prices. “Therefore, I have learned to either skip the overpriced meals onboard for shorter flights or bring my own food and snacks for those long-haul flights where meals are not included in the ticket price,” she said. “In some cases, I buy food at the airport, but for the most part, I pack some snacks from home in my carry-on luggage to satisfy my cravings while up in the air.

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