Jevgenijs Metelovs Becomes Head of Marketing at Entertech

Dyninno announces that Jevgenijs Metelovs becomes Head of Marketing at Entertech. He started in a new role on February 1, 2022.  

Jevgenijs joined Entertech in 2019 as a Marketing specialist; later, in 2020 was promoted to Marketing Manager. He executed and scaled a subscription-based project from 0 to 1M users and oversaw an x5 growth in profits for 3 years while managing a marketing team on the US market. Jevgenijs will be responsible for the marketing strategy of Entertech and its execution globally, product brands, and customer acquisition, including PPC, CRO, SEO, affiliate, and e-commerce. 

Before joining Entertech, Jevgenijs ran his own business in traffic arbitrage for financial companies (forex, brokers, funds, etc). Specializing in digital marketing and growth, he amassed over 10 years of experience in project management in different markets. 

Alongside a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Jevgenijs studied computer science and the customer experience. Overall, his expertise in this area helps him to build marketing strategies and get fascinating results.  

Igor Reiant, the co-founder of Dyninno Group of companies and CEO of Entertech, comments on the appointment: “I am pleased to see existing employees growing and as a result, we have more and more promotions within the existing team! Jevgenijs is a great example of that trend! His commitment, attitude and attention to data helped him grow from a marketing specialist just few years ago to the head of marketing at Entertech today! This is well deserved, and I am excited to welcome Jevgenijs to our leadership team!” 

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