Meet Sigita Kotlere, CEO and Board Member of Investment Platform: Nectaro

Nectaro is a fully licensed European investment platform designed with GenZ and Millennials in mind to provide the best and easiest investment experience. Our platform offers simple investment opportunities – with Nectaro you can improve your passive income by investing in loans through financial instruments, specifically, Asset Backed Securities. We have received an Invesment Brokerage Firm License issued by the Bank of Latvia (Latvijas Banka), giving greater confidence and trust to our clients. Our user-friendly platform provides maximum automatization of all processes, up-to-date information and real-time updates. Together with comprehensive insights into investing, we want to empower everyone to make informed investment decisions with confidence.

The idea of Nectaro was inspired by the rapid development of the Fintech sector and our observations of how younger generations approach investing. I have been working in the banking and finance industries for more than a decade, so I understand how the industry works, where successes and stumbling blocks lie. Through my experience, it has become clear how resistant the process of change can be in such traditional sectors.

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