Retired and Bored? 5 Affordable Vacation Destinations for All Ages To Visit in 2024

For many retirees, one of the greatest joys of not having to punch in every day is the time and freedom to travel. Daydreams about taking trips to Europe or even loading up the car and driving to another great state in the union might abound. However, all the daydreams don’t take into account the very real concern about money. While you might think you need to be wealthy to travel, you’d fortunately be quite wrong. There are a number of exciting travel destinations that are affordable for people on a fixed income. GOBankingRates tossed our darts on the map and spun the globe to come up with a group of destinations that are perfect for people with all levels of appetite for adventure.

When it comes to planning vacations abroad, Mercedes Zach, a travel expert at Asaptickets, part of Trevolution Group, has a favorite destination. “When it comes to visiting Asia, plenty of countries in Southeast Asia offer great deals for foreign tourists, but my personal favorite is Vietnam, a diverse country with breathtaking landscapes, amazing food scene and welcoming locals,” she said.

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