What Is Mobile Passport Control, and Is It Right for You?

When it comes to travel documents, nothing is more sacred than your passport. Just applying for or renewing yours may inspire your next international trip. But for as much fun as it is to collect stamps, new technology such as Mobile Passport Control (MPC) is changing how travelers are processed. Eligible travelers can use the new program to potentially save precious time when arriving from international airports. But what is Mobile Passport Control and is it right for you? Read on to see what the experts have to say—including how it stacks up against Global Entry. Anyone who’s traveled abroad knows how long the process of reentering the U.S. can be once they deplane and reach passport control. But as the name suggests, MPC functions as a way to use your mobile device for streamlined entry at your arrival airport. “With digital innovations taking over the travel world, for many, a mobile passport is nothing new,” says Alonso Marly, travel expert at SkyLux Travel. 

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