Woman Follows Internet Tip to Save on Plane Ticket—It Doesn’t Go to Plan

Wondering whether you’ll get a better deal by buying your plane ticket at a ticket counter rather than online? One woman decided to get to the bottom of this question and was thoroughly disappointed by the answer. The passenger revealed what happened in a viral video posted on her TikTok account, @jasminenicolebeauty. The clip, which shows her talking into a camera while sitting in a car in Texas, has received over 187,000 views since it was shared May 26. The woman says: “To the girlies that told me that it was cheaper to go buy in person versus online to buy your airplane ticket, I hope every time you wake up, you wake up a minute before your alarms goes up. You think you got a little more time to sleep? Nah…wake your a** up.” It’s not clear where she went to purchase her ticket in person. But the woman says she was told by a worker that it’s “not true” that it’s cheaper to buy the ticket in person. The worker later informed her that the ticket cost “$500 more” to buy in person. “Don’t believe ’em. It’s not true, just buy your ticket online,” the woman concludes as the video ends. Continue reading what experts think of it.

Mercedes Zach, a travel expert and travel agent at Asaptickets, shares her opinion on this situation here

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