Alex Weinstein


Founder and Chairman, Dyninno Group

A tech pioneer and innovative entrepreneur, Alex is dramatically transforming the travel industry and financial technologies landscape. Alex’s vision is directly linked to his earliest business experiences, which inspire his growth strategy and business philosophy. A self-made entrepreneur, he is constantly looking to empower creative talent, scale and grow the next dynamic innovation, and add to Dyninno portfolio of companies.

Dmitry Tsymber


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dyninno Fintech

Dmitry comes from a background in banking and consumer finance, with an extensive experience of more than 15 years. With his MBA in Business and managerial economics, he brings all the knowledge and skills essential for a great leader. As the CEO of Dyninno Fintech, Dmitry is responsible for setting and overseeing the short-term and long-term strategies for the company, working closely with executives, and maximizing the success of Dyninno Fintech in the industry.

Igor Reiant


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dyninno EnterTech

Igor is the founder and CEO of Dyninno EntertTech with a strong background in sales, online marketing, and casting. His experience and leadership skills make the EnterTech division stand out amongst the competition and be several steps ahead. His responsibilities as the CEO include leading the development of short-term and long-term strategies, setting strategic goals for the EnterTech division, and overseeing the work of executives.

Peter Vazan


Chief Executive Officer, Dyninno Travel

Peter’s background in business management and the travel industry boosts the success of our Travel division. As the Chief Executive Officer, Peter is responsible for business development, market research, and pricing strategy. With an MBA from California State University and 15 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, Peter brings all his knowledge and expertise to improve the business and achieve impressive results for the company.

Daniel Lei


Chief Business Development Officer, Dyninno Travel

As Chief Business Development Officer, Daniel is responsible for business development plans, designing and implementing all processes that support business growth, and maintaining relationships with the business partners of the Dyninno Travel division. Daniel has 15 years of experience in the Travel and tourism industry. His market research skills and an eye for trends in the industry allow Daniel to make the best decisions for the business.


Genadij Pugachov


Chief Operating Officer, Dyninno Travel

Genadij has been working in the Dyninno Travel division since 2013 and has gained experience and unique insights on the industry. Apart from practical industry knowledge, Genadij possesses academic knowledge with his education in Business Management that he can use in his everyday decision making as the COO of Dyninno Travel. 

Genadij’s competences include decision making on marketing partnerships and strategy, integration of new products, initiation and development of IT products for business optimization, and many more.

Egor Zubarev


Chief Operating Officer, Dyninno EnterTech

Coming from the game industry, Egor tackles every challenge that the EnterTech division faces with a creative, out-of-the-box mindset. He is a multi-talented professional who can think like a businessman, designer, and technology expert. As the Chief Operating Officer of Dyninno EnterTech, Egor is responsible for designing and implementing business strategies, setting goals for performance and growth, overseeing daily operations of the company, and the work of IT, marketing, sales, finance, and other specialists.


Andrey Ivashin


Chief Information Officer, Dyninno Group

Andrey has more than 20 years of experience in IT on different levels, from an IT support specialist at a medium company to Technical Director working with defining technological strategies and managing teams of qualified IT professionals. His specialties include system architecture and design, cloud architecture, IT operations, and technical team leadership. As Chief Information Officer, Andrey sets objectives and strategies for the IT team and manages it, and implements the most suitable technologies. He focuses on finding ways Dyninno can use its technological expertise, speed, and customer service to outperform competitors.

Tatiana Lukina


Chief Financial Officer, Dyninno Group

Tatiana brings nearly 20 years’ experience to Dyninno, including 10 years at KPMG as an M&A and Capital Markets advisor and years of leadership in finance at global IT groups. Tatiana holds a PhD in economics and has been ACCA-member since 2006. Throughout her career, Tatiana participated in boards of large companies in different industries and now serves as a non-executive director in MD Medical Group (LSE: MDMG). In Dyninno Tatiana is responsible for leading Group finance organisation, including financial strategy and planning, accounting and reporting, taxation, financial control and treasury.