Dyninno Finance

Dyninno’s Fintech division is a rapidly expanding part of our business that provides a range of financial technology (FinTech) products and services to underserved consumers and small businesses around the world. Through powerful marketing, smart IT, and dynamic lead generation, we are opening up a new level of access to loans and payments to meet the needs of our customers.

We provide next-generation level services to our customer base: everything from travel financing and remittances to currency exchanges and withdrawals without foreign transaction fees.

Simple, convenient, and accessible

Ensuring people and businesses have access to finance when and where they need it.

Responsible Lending

Dyninnos’ Finance division operates under the direct supervision of — and is in full compliance with — local and national government and multilateral financial regulatory institutions and agencies. We are committed to responsible lending practices and it is our priority to ensure that our services and lending decisions are transparent.

We maintain the highest industry standards for responsible lending based on the following core principles:


Our credit decisions are made taking into account various metrics. We do not require ideal credit history. We understand that there can be different situations in life, so we ensure an individual approach to each client case and we always try to find a way to provide access to funding.


We follow the law. Always. By the letter and spirit. We comply with the highest ethical standards when working with our clients through all of the process stages and in different situations.


MultiPass is a UK based FinTech platform registered by FCA as Authorised Electronic Money Institution.

MultiPass offers Payment Acceptance Services, Payment Accounts, and an open API which allows customers to incorporate payment capabilities into their existing infrastructure.

MultiPass is a young and progressively thinking team of experts, following the ultimate goal of sharing its know-how in the FinTech industry. It runs efficient risk management and continuous fraud prevention and focuses on individual approach and continual support.

It is currently working with world leaders in the FinTech space including ClearBank, Currencycloud, Ripple, Western Union, global Banks, and many others to build a neo-bank solution for businesses around the world.