Alex Weinstein

Founder and Chairman, Dyninno Group

Technology. Innovation. Communication.

My name is Alex Weinstein. I’m a TECH entrepreneur and an investor in human talent. DYNINNO (short for “Dynamic Innovations”) is the global travel and fintech group of companies I started in California in 2004. Since then, I’ve taken my company from a one-person, one-office outfit in San Francisco to over 5,000 employees in 12 offices around the world.

My goal is to innovate and scale emerging technologies – from robotics and automation to AI and machine learning – helping our team communicate with millions of customers and clients around the world to achieve their dreams.

My vision is to dream big, work hard, and do everything I can to make my dreams a reality.

The Internet Changed Everything

I grew up in Northern California and Silicon Valley – San Francisco. My earliest jobs in the 1990s were in brick-and-mortar travel agencies. Since the emergence of the internet, I’ve worked to expand access to millions of customers – through personalized, concierge-level service – in the travel market on a truly global scale. The travel venture I launched in the early 2000s is now among the largest airline consolidators in the USA.

Our success is based on the incredible global team we’ve assembled of programmers, developers, and professional service representatives – working together seamlessly.

All powered by millions of dollars of infrastructure investment in an IT stack second to none – everything from R&D and software development to marketing algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Next On The Horizon

My newest venture is in FinTech. My goal is to leverage the same IT investments that made our travel venture so successful – to bring a next-generation level of service offerings and products to the financial technology needs of our global customer base. We’ll provide everything from travel financing and remittances to currency exchanges and withdrawals without foreign transaction fees.

What I Believe. That the promise
of technology can be harnessed for good.

That financial technologies and solutions are the next frontier for the global travel industry. That professional level communication in customer service is of enduring value and must be prized.

My Background


Born in Chisinau, Moldova


Emigrated to the USA – Florida


Moved to San Francisco, California


Started working in the travel industry


Graduated from high school in San Francisco


Accepted at the University of California, Berkeley


Started working in the brick-and-mortar travel industry


Founded first company, Premier Travel, during the Internet revolution


Founded International Travel Network (ITN), an ARC accredited agency in US


Launched ASAP Tickets


Opened Dyninno’s Chisinau (Moldova) office


Opened Dyninno’s Riga (Latvia) and Cebu (Philippines) offices


Opened Dyninno’s Bogota (Colombia) office


Opened Dyninno’s Cairo (Egypt) office and launched an IATA accredited travel agency in Canada


Opened Dyninno’s New Delhi (India) office and launched an IATA accredited travel agency in the United Kingdom


Funded the reconstruction and reopening of Moldova’s historic synagogue in the center of Chisinau, the country’s capital and my birthplace


Launched the JTech Foundation, an initiative to support underserved communities through technology and innovation