Multipass is a  bank challenger that provides modern financial solutions for businesses with cross-border activity. 

It offers a multi-currency business account with a live FX desk that allows international companies to manage their bank transfers in foreign markets in a simple way. Multipass customer offering includes local dedicated UK, US and EU accounts, as well as a single multi-currency IBAN supporting over 30 world currencies.  

€ 1+ BN
Transaction volume, 2023
€ 5 MLN
Gross revenues

Multipass is a young and progressively thinking team of experts, following the ultimate goal of sharing their know-how in the fintech industry. It runs efficient risk management and continuous fraud prevention operations and focuses on an individual approach and continual support.

Contact us:
87-89 Baker Street, London, UK, W1U 6RJ 
Phone: +44 20 3519 1373