Privacy Notice Ecofinance Romania

Privacy Notice 

on processing of candidates’ personal data  

Ecofinance IFN S.A., a joint-stock company incorporated under the laws of Romania (hereinafter referred to as “ECOFINANCE”, “we”, “our”, “us”), headquarted at Str. Av. Popișteanu, nr. 54A, Clădirea 1, Etaj 2, Unitatea 2, Sector 1, București, Romania, is selecting personnel for its own business needs. 

  1. What Data we need from you

For assessing your application, we will collect and use the following categories of personal data: 

  • The data contained in your CV and/or cover letter, such as: name, address, date of birth, gender, personal identification number, date of birth, nationality, personal e-mail address and telephone number, previous work experience, other qualifications, social media accounts etc., 
  • Any other personal data shared with us during the recruitment process and relevant to a particular vacancy via e-mail, telephone, face-to-face meetings or by your former colleagues (if applicable).  

We may ask you to provide contact details of colleagues from previous jobs for detailed feedback (for example, towards the end of a selection process when there are only a few candidates left). In this case, you are responsible for ensuring that your former colleagues have been made aware and do not object to the processing of their personal data (name, position, place of work, telephone, e-mail, etc.) for the purposes mentioned in this disclaimer. 

Given the fast pace of development and the nature of our operations, most positions may become available several times per year. If you are not selected on a particular occasion, your candidacy may nevertheless be considered during the next selection process applicable to you.

   2. Legal Basis and Purposes of the processing activities 

Please note that ECOFINANCE is a CONTROLLER of the personal DATA you provide.
Your data will be processed for the PURPOSE of selecting appropriate candidates for a specific job opening. 

The legal BASIS for the data processing is: 

  • taking steps at the request of the data subject (you) prior to entering into an employment contract (the actual process of personnel selection); 
  • pursuing our legitimate interest (storage of your CV for future vacancies). 

Additionally, in order to achieve the PURPOSE, we might approach you from specialised recruitment platforms (such as LinkedIn .) based on our legitimate interest – selecting appropriate candidates. If you object to such communication we will stop processing your data, except for minimal data about your objection in order to protect and exercise our legal claims. If the recruiting process continues , your data will be processed in accordance with this notice. 

   3. Data recipients 

The RECIPIENTS of your data are: yourself (the data subject), our employees, who are adequately qualified and engaged in the personnel selection process, joint controllers, technical support and security, as well as our processors (if applicable), who under our supervision provide recruitment services (including online testing), technical support, maintenance, data protection and security. We might process (e.g. store) your data outside the EU with our trusted partners who process your data solely in accordance with our instructions, and in compliance with the applicable data protection legislation, so the level of your data protection is not undermined. 

   4. Data retention 

Criteria for determining DATA retention periods: 

In case you are selected for employment following the selection process you will be informed of any further data processing during the process of signing your employment contract. 

In case you are NOT selected for employment following the selection process: 

  • and request that we delete the DATA or object to the processing of DATA for future vacancies, your CV and other DATA will be deleted within 4 (four) months after the end of the selection process, except for the minimum necessary DATA, which will be kept for 5 (five) years to protect us and to comply with our legal requirements; 
  • and do not object to the processing of DATA for future vacancies, your DATA will be processed for a maximum of 5 (five) years, after which it will be deleted, except for the minimum necessary DATA to protect us and to comply with our legal requirements. 

In the event that we process the personal data of your former colleagues, they will be deleted at the end of each specific selection process. 

   5. Rights of the data subject 

By providing us with data, you have the following RIGHTS to: 

  • request access to your personal data from the controller; 
  • modify or update data to facilitate the accomplishment of the purpose (i.e. to be selected as the best candidate); 
  • request deletion of your data by the controller (in cases specified in applicable legislation); 
  • request restriction of the processing of your data by the controller (in cases specified in applicable legislation); 
  • object to the processing of your data (in cases specified in applicable legislation); 
  • request the forwarding of the data to another controller (the right to portability), if technically feasible, and in accordance with other provisions related to data security; 
  • file a complaint with Autoritatea Nationala de Supraveghere a Prelucrarii Datelor cu Caracter Personal (‘’ A.N.S.P.D.C.P.’’) in cases where a dispute with the controller cannot be resolved through negotiation.

    6. Contact details:

For matters concerning the holding of competitive hiring and related processes, contact
For matters concerning data processing, contact the data protection officer at