9 Small Towns That Feel Like TV’s Idyllic Mayberry

If there was ever a TV show setting that epitomized small-town America, it would be Mayberry, North Carolina, on The Andy Griffith Show. The fictional town, which is also the setting of the spin-off Mayberry R.F.D., is defined by its solitary traffic light, slower pace, and beloved local sheriff, Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith). The comedy series—and Mayberry itself—are favorites for many, and these days, they’re also a reminder of simpler times before big-box stores and cellphones.

If you want to tap into that nostalgic feeling and embrace the small-town sense of community, there are some spots travel experts say you need on your bucket list. Read on to discover which nine small towns will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Mayberry.

Read what Mercedes Zach, travel expert at ASAP tickets, says here

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