Nectaro is an online investment platform, designed to help tech-savvy investors to back up their futures through passive and easy financial instruments.

With a commitment to transparency, reliability, and high-quality service, Nectaro is helping investors to achieve their financial goals, in individual, sustainable and safe way.

the license issued by the Bank of Latvia
10 – 14%
expected annual return

Nectaro successfully obtained an investment brokerage company license (License number – Nr. 27-55/2023/3) from The Bank of Latvia. Securing this license attests to Nectaro’s adherence to all the necessary regulatory requirements in the jurisdiction.

Investing with Nectaro is simple, easy, and accessible to anyone in the European Economic Area. With Nectaro’s state-of-the-art technology, investors can monitor their investments, track their returns, and adjust their investment strategy at any time. The emerging financial platform will offer investors attractive rates of return.

It will also contain a loan-buyback guarantee, which ensures that investors will receive their full investment amount back if the borrower fails to repay their loan.

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