Dynamic Technology and Innovations in Our Core

Utilising state of the art technologies and top talent, we work on a wide array of services and solutions in travel, financial and entertainment technologies for the international Dyninno Group in 50 markets.

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The travel business is the cornerstone of the group. The Dyninno travel brands serve as incubators for our most innovative tech solutions. Our main flight search and marketing tools are built using the Next.js framework. Trevolution products integrated with almost all other back-end projects.

ASAP Tickets and Skylux travel are our main flight search and marketing tools, built using the Next.js framework. There are some legacy aspects built with PHP that are being actively migrated to JS frameworks (NestJS and Next.js). ASAP Tickets is integrated with almost all other back-end projects.

Next.js and React were chosen as the key frameworks. While React provides a means to build highly customizable components/building blocks for our landing pages, Next.js helps to create a dynamic page using previously built components, as well as server-side rendering for SEO optimization.

Using modern JavaScript/TypeScript and Node.js technologies provides a means for high-velocity development and developer familiarity.

Infra: GitLab, Kubernetes

Tech: Node.js, Redis, MariaDB, MongoDB

Frameworks: NestJS, Next.js, Angular, React

Dreamport is an online platform that brings together Independent Travel Managers on a global scale. It provides a distinctive opportunity for aspiring people to gain expertise and generate income while remotely assisting travelers and establishing their own businesses as Independent Travel Agents.

Dreamport encompasses segregated publicly accessible areas, secure personal spaces for registered users, and a BackOffice designated for internal company users. This structural arrangement is also reflected in its solution architecture.

Furthermore, Dreamport has been seamlessly integrated with several internal systems, utilizing corporate shared systems and services to enhance the efficiency of back-end processes.

Infra: GitLab, Argo, Kubernetes

Tech: Node Js, Redis, Maria DB, Elastic Search (In progress for BackOffice), React Js, Material UI, Next Js

Frameworks: Nest Js (Node JS Framework), Maria DB (Persistent Storage), Redis (Cache)

Monitoring: Prometheus, Grafana

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We help Multipass stay ahead of the curve in fintech by providing such services as IT infrastructure support, HR and payroll management, accounting services, and the automation of other business process. With our comprehensive support for all of these areas, Multipass is equipped to stay competitive in the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

Multipass in an innovative bank challenger platform designed to streamline cross-border operations for UK/EU companies. Drawing on our firsthand experience of the intricacies of modern banking, the MultiPass team is committed to eliminating country borders and enabling seamless global expansion for businesses.

Our platform offers a unique fusion of proprietary neo-banking technologies and corporate-level customer service, delivered in multiple languages, time zones, and jurisdictions. Leveraging modular solutions from trusted vendors, we collaborate closely to optimize these offerings according to our company’s specific requirements.

These solutions are integrated into our in-house developed system, which we consistently enhance to ensure robust security, extensive geographical reach, and flexible payment options tailored to our customers’ needs. Additionally, we place great emphasis on nurturing the expertise of our developers in the finance domain, empowering them to excel in their professional endeavors.

Transactions: over 120k (2022)

Industries served: Wholesale trade, import & export, E-commerce, IT & software development, consulting, business services, travel and more.

Payment reach: 180+ countries

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We work closely with Ecofinance to help them stay on the cutting edge of fintech by providing services like network management, digital resource optimization, and developing their telephony infrastructure, from physical phones to complex call routing and configuration.

Lending platform – our solution to managing complex sets of customized and smart decision-making processes, ranging from simple to multi-service-driven data transformations.

Consisting of 11 independent, stateless and low-cohesion services – from client applications and CRM to computation workers – the platform provides rapid response times as well as managing big volumes of data with easy scalability, as a cluster of PostgreSQL storages for complex and optimized querying with high redundancy and data distribution, which lie at the heart of the platform.

Our approach is to use the best tool for the job, which is why we have different technologies on the backend, from full-blown Symfony projects to customized middleware-based applications, when speed and reliability are what matter, especially when maintainability is a must.

Infra: GitLab, Kubernetes

Languages: PHP, JS, Java

Storages and messaging: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Redis, RabbitMQ

Frameworks: Zend expressive, Symfony, Vue.js, Nuxt.js

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Nectaro is a fully licensed online investment platform, designed to help tech-savvy investors back up their futures through passive and easy financial instruments. With a commitment to transparency, reliability, and high-quality service, Nectaro is helping investors achieve their financial goals in an individual, sustainable, and safe way.

Acknowledging investment challenges, we have developed a unique communication strategy based on education. Our goal is to ensure a stream of passive income and empower informed investment choices. We have navigated registration intricacies, unveiling a user-centric investment platform. Through automation and outreach, we ensure a seamless, rewarding investment experience.

To achieve this, we have seamlessly integrated advanced tech innovations. AI analyzes user interactions, optimizing design and delivering personalized content, recommendations, and insights. Our refined search function enables category, tag, and attribute exploration, enhancing discoverability with real-time suggestions. Push notifications effectively share updates, offers, and reminders. Within Nectaro, investors access videos, tutorials, and gamified elements, guiding them through complexities and incentivizing engagement.

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In-house software development and support are key to the successful operation of the casting platforms in our Entertech portfolio and  provide solid foundation for further promotion of the brands.

These are online casting networks that connect casting professionals with all kinds of talent. While AllCasting is rapidly gaining momentum, there is no strong competitor for KidsCasting since no other large platform in the USA focuses entirely on kids.

In both projects, we’re all about precision. We use a tailored approach, talent scouting, and manual filtering for major casting directors, giving them the best experience ever. By saving their time and delivering only suitable candidates to them, we are setting one of the standards for the industry.

Once the pandemic started, we became the pioneer of online auditions, really pushing this in the industry to help the approach succeed during challenging times. At a time when nobody could go to cinemas, box-office revenue was suffering greatly, and far fewer movies were being made, we quickly adapted, shifting our focus towards series and working more with content creators themselves.

We gave casting directors the chance to continue their casting efforts by holding all the auditions online, because the show must go on! Some of the projects even proceeded with online rehearsals, and not long after productions with restrictions were restarted again.

Now we are focusing on improving our online platforms by providing technology that precisely matches the casting professional and the talent. Given our current performance, our platforms AllCasting.com and KidsCasting.com are on a journey to becoming the biggest casting networks and entertainment field players in America.

Platform users: 9.6+M.

Casting for brands:  Amazon Prime, GAP, Carters, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Maybelline, ZARA and more.

Expertise: SEM, B2B strategies, UX optimization, CRO, A/B testing, e-mail marketing, competitor analysis, copywriting, in-house media production.

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