A New Digital Platform Launched to Unite Travel Entrepreneurs in Moldova

Dyninno, an international group of companies, that provides products and services in the travel, finance, entertainment and technology sectors in over 50 countries, announces to have launched Dreamport, a new online platform, in Moldova. Dreamport allows gig workers to get contracted as Independent Travel Managers, making freelancing in the travel industry accessible. The digital platform is developed as a comprehensive consolidating tool that allows independent travel managers to earn income fully remotely. It was first launched back in April across India and Uzbekistan, and since the beginning of September, it is also available for aspiring travel entrepreneurs in Moldova.  

During the first six months of Dreamport’s launch, over 56,000 people from different parts of the world have signed up to use the platform as a source of everyday income. Balti and Orhei are the top Moldovan cities travel agents come from, while the United States, the Philippines, India and Nigeria are the most popular international destinations customers choose to fly to. 

Dreamport is a fully digital platform meant to work as a tool that enables anyone, without being bound by geographical limitations, to be trained and contracted as an Independent Travel Manager and build a career in travel business. This innovative platform is set to transform the global travel market by offering a unique opportunity for motivated individuals to get expertise and earn income while servicing millions of travel industry customers entirely remotely. The main responsibilities of a travel manager include providing customers with information on travel routes and offering international airfare tickets, as well as auxiliary travel products.  

The new platform offers an all-inclusive and free training program to individuals, including beginners, covering various topics from marketing, sales and customer service to travel industry standards and digital tools. Additionally, Dreamport provides customer leads to its travel managers to initiate sales. It also offers a user-friendly interface that guides agents through the process of creating and managing a travel business. Through Dreamport, users receive travel requests from Dyninno group’s travel services, such as ASAP Tickets and Skyluxtravel, and earn a commission on each sale. The platform’s highly competitive commission structure enables users to make a substantial income while performing services from anywhere across the country.  

According to the Founder of Dyninno, Alex Weinstein, the company aspired to establish a platform that would offer opportunities to individuals worldwide. “Moldova is more than just a business location for me – it’s a connection to my roots, and I’m excited to create opportunities for the people of Moldova. Our leadership team, including myself, started the professional journey as travel agents and built their careers with us. With two decades in the travel industry, we firmly believe in the transformative force of giving back, as it not only improves the lives of those with limited earning opportunities but also reinforces our commitment to being a socially responsible entity that strives to make a positive impact on the world. And this time, I am particularly excited to introduce the launch of our new platform in Moldova,” says Weinstein. 

Based on the latest statistics by The World Bank*, the unemployment rate in Moldova has been gradually decreased during the past 10 years reaching 2.3% in 2022. However, among young adults this number was more than twice as high in the same period reaching 13.2% in 2012 and dropping down to 8.1% last year**. Although the rate of unemployment among young adults is comparable to the average of other countries in the European Union, the risk of being unemployed is twice as high for young people as for adults. The lack of decent employment opportunities is a major push-factor for migration, particularly for youth from rural areas, where young adult unemployment is even higher than in urban areas.***  

Dreamport platform is therefore made as a comprehensive tool to help tackle unemployment issues among young adults. With the rapid development of digital technologies and with remote work setting becoming more common across the globe, the travel manager’s job is a smart solution for those looking for more flexibility and independence on day-to-day basis. The only requirements for the platform application are thus a good level of English and a stable internet connection. No previous industry experience or education is required, as world-class training is provided to teach skills and knowledge in sales, communication, active listening, business acumen, discovery, curiosity, and collaboration.  

Dreamport is accepting new applications for its Independent Travel Manager program. Interested individuals from anywhere in Moldova are invited to visit the Dreamport website to learn more about the program and sign up for free: https://www.dreamport.me/. 

* https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SL.UEM.TOTL.ZS?locations=MD  

** https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SL.UEM.1524.ZS?locations=MD  

*** https://www.oecd.org/countries/moldova/youth-issues-in-moldova.htm  



Dyninno Group, which operates International Travel Network, ASAP Tickets, Skyluxtravel, Dreamport and other travel brands, has established itself as the market leader in the travel business, specializing in the visiting friends and relatives’ segment. Over 730,000 unique airline tickets and vacation packages were sold by the group’s travel brands in 2022, making it the fifth-largest travel consolidator in the US. 

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