AI Adoption in Tech Startups: Balancing Benefits, Risks, and Human Capabilities

These days, AI is becoming increasingly prevalent. Some are cautiously exploring its potential benefits, while others have fully embraced it. 

A prime example of AI adoption can be seen in Dyninno’s latest venture and loan investment platform Nectaro, where they utilize ChatGPT to streamline routine tasks, resulting in faster decision-making. “For us, it serves as an effective tool that enables us to optimise the time we spend on routine, mundane tasks,” CEO Sigita Kotlere claims.

Furthermore, concerns about job displacement have been raised, with reports indicating that millions of jobs could be at risk due to AI. Nectaro’s Kotlere points out that, “AI can indeed add value in areas like data analysis, pattern recognition, predictive analytics or repetitive and mundane tasks.” However, she adds, “ there are certain areas that will likely remain the domain of humans, such as creative and innovative outputs, tasks that require a lot of emotional intelligence and empathy, or ethical decision-making.”

In conclusion, AI serves as a powerful tool to enhance human capabilities, boosting efficiency and innovation. But it is crucial to implement AI responsibly and to understand its limitations. For the full article, please visit

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