AI and Human-Enhanced Transactions: Personalised and Secure Global Payments

Artificial intelligence’s impact on the payments landscape is nothing short of transformative – from personalised customer experiences and seamless cross-border transactions to enhanced security and prompt fraud detection, AI-driven innovations are reshaping how we interact with money. While AI is a good enabler, the human factor remains irreplaceable, especially in complex business operations. In 2024, the industry’s overall focus will be placed on security measures and internally tailored and created AI solutions to ease processes on a new level.

Financial institutions and businesses are leveraging AI to enhance payment systems, making them more efficient, secure, and customer-centric than ever before. AI brings increased automation, smarter decision-making, and personalised experiences and revolutionises fraud detection, benefiting the finance industry. 

Click here to read what Dmitry Tsymber, founder of MultiPass, says.

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