Facing a Data Drought: AI Industry’s Race to Find High Quality Information

The demand for high-quality data, essential for powering artificial intelligence (AI) conversational tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, may soon outstrip supply and potentially stall AI progress, industry analysts warned.

The exponential reliance on comprehensive datasets is a double-edged sword for AI development. While necessary for enhancing the sophistication of models like ChatGPT, the impending data shortage is raising alarms within the tech community.

The shortage of AI training data stems from the need for large volumes of high-quality, diverse and accurately labeled data that is representative of the real-world scenarios the model will encounter. Acquiring such data is often a time-consuming task, as it may involve manual annotation by domain experts, collection from a wide range of sources and careful curation to ensure data quality and eliminate biases.

To read what Ilia Badeev, head of data science at Trevolution Group, said, click here.

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