C-Suite Perspectives on AI: Rucsandra Larisa Stanciu of Ecofinance on Where to Use AI and Where to Rely Only on Humans

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance and integrate into various aspects of business, decision-makers at the highest levels face the complex task of determining where AI can be most effectively utilized and where the human touch remains irreplaceable. This series seeks to explore the nuanced decisions made by C-Suite executives regarding the implementation of AI in their operations. As part of these series “Authority Magazine” had the pleasure of interviewing Rucsandra Larisa Stanciu, General Manager and member of the Board of Directors of Ecofinance Romania. 

Rucsandra Larisa Stanciu is the General Manager and member of the Board of Directors of Ecofinance Romania, a financial technology company, a part of the Dyninno Group of companies. Before joining the Dyninno Group of Companies, Rucsandra had more than ten years of experience in top 10 banks and financial institutions like Raiffeisen, Garanti, Bancpost, and Citibank. Rucsandra holds a Bachelor’s degree and multiple certifications in Finance and Banking.

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