Dynatech Hosts US Ambassador Visit

On November 2nd, Dynatech, the competency center of the Dyninno Group of companies, hosted an official visit by the Ambassador of the United States to Latvia. The visit encompassed meetings with key company executives, including the Founder and Chairman Alex Weinstein, Co-Founder Dmitry Tsymber, Chief Executive Officer Yevgeny Senderov, and Member of the Board of Dynatech LLC  Liga Paulina, followed by a discussion regarding company values, its role in the American Chamber of Commerce, and its financial role in the region.

H.E. Christopher Robinson, along with Economic-Political Officer Andrew Byrley and Commercial Specialist Guntars Vicmanis, represented the US Embassy in Latvia. This visit was part of the Embassy’s commitment to showcasing successful US business development in Latvia and fostering American investment as well as job opportunities within the region.

As the competency center of the Dyninno Group, Dynatech serves as the primary IT hub for the entire Group’s global service and products. Latvian-based Dyninno brands now collectively employ a workforce exceeding 700 employees working across IT, marketing, sales, finance, HR, and other areas. This makes Dyninno the biggest US based employer in Latvia.

Discussions with the US Embassy representatives revolved around Groups’s strategies for increasing investments in Latvia, covering various aspects such as operations, management, back-office tech teams, and potential opportunities for future partnerships. Dyninno is confident that Latvia’s highly educated and skilled workforce offers an ideal foundation for cultivating a diverse and multifaceted hub that can cater to various sectors across the global Group.

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