Dyninno India’s Expansion: Riding the Wave of Health Tourism

The land of ancient wisdom and mystical traditions, India, is doubling down on Ayush treatment, which involves indigenous medicine and associated treatment techniques, to boost health tourism in the country. And as the Indian medical value travel market is expected to soar to $13 billion by 2026, companies like Dyninno India are gearing up to ride this wave of success.

Dyninno India is set to scale up its operations workforce in the travel division, including sales, ticketing, and customer support, to meet the growing demand for traditional medicine systems in the country. And with the opening of its new office, spanning 52,000 square feet, the company is well-positioned to accommodate the growing headcount.

To expand further, Dyninno India has put in place an ambitious expansion plan that includes opening additional offices in Gurugram and Mumbai by June 2023. The company is also looking to boost its tech workforce in the country by 50% this year for its IT division, Dynatech.

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