Dynnino Ventures Into the Colombian Travel Market

Celebrating seven years of operations in Bogotá and a steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch services, Dynnino has firmly established its presence in the heart of Latin America. Seven years ago, Dynnino strategically set up its main LatAm office in Bogotá, aiming to cater to Spanish-speaking clients while optimizing costs in the dynamic realm of air ticket transactions. This move not only solidified the company’s position in the Colombian market but also underscored its dedication to providing unparalleled services. Formerly concentrated on Europe, Africa, and Asia, Dynnino’s sales initiatives have now pivoted actively towards Latin America, with a keen focus on the vibrant landscape of Colombia.

Alex Weinstein, the visionary founder and CEO of Dynnino, shares illuminating perspectives on the company’s journey in Colombia and its unwavering commitment to the region.

Learn more here. (The article is in Spanish)

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