Empowering Women in Latvia to Bridge the Gender Gap in Investment Markets

Throughout history, men have traditionally held the reins as the primary breadwinners and financial decision-makers within households, leaving women with comparatively lower personal incomes or none at all. Embedded gender roles, societal norms, and stereotypes have acted as barriers to women’s financial advancement, including their participation in investment markets. However, a shift is underway.

A recent study published by “The Economist” reveals that a significant portion of women face what’s known as the “Maternal Penalty” – an economic consequence rarely encountered by men who are fathers. This penalty is defined by the study’s authors as the average reduction in employment opportunities for women over a decade following the birth of a child. Globally, 95% of men aged 25 to 54 are actively engaged in the workforce, yet for women in the same age bracket, this figure stands at only 52%.

Read the complete article here. (Original article is in Latvian)

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