EU Business News Announces the Winners of the European Enterprise Awards 2023

Now in its sixth year, our European Enterprise Awards programme is here to remind us of the sheer excellence in Europe. We celebrate a selection of businesses and individuals making a vital impact on their industries – further influencing a spectrum of organisations in Europe and overseas. From an eBike retailer to invoice finance quote specialists, installation services to corporate video production, home moving services to PR experts, and so much more, our winners span an impressive range of business services and product offerings. We’re proud to present this diverse assortment of enterprises and the brains behind their brilliance. Among them is Dyninno Group, honored in 2023 with the European Enterprise Awards by EU Business News for its pioneering work in travel and finance technology. Founded by Alex Weinstein in San Francisco in 2004, Dyninno has expanded its footprint to over 50 countries. With a global team of 5,100 professionals, it operates in travel, finance, entertainment, and technology. Leveraging innovation, Dyninno facilitates rapid talent casting, provides competitive flight fares from over 70 airlines, and offers instant access to financial products. Offices are strategically located across the USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, India, UAE, Philippines, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Moldova, Romania, Latvia, Cyprus, Malta, and Turkiye.

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