Explore the Most Appreciated Employers in the Republic of Moldova via the undelucram.md Platform Ranking

Dyninno, Veo Worldwide Moldova, Amdaris, Kaufland Moldova, and Victoriabank are the most highly regarded companies by employees in the Republic of Moldova, according to the “Top Employers Undelucram.md 2023.” The annual ranking is based on user evaluations on the platform, which currently boasts 140,000 Moldovan employees anonymously sharing their feedback.

Dyninno, a group of companies that provide products and services in the fields of travel, finance, entertainment, and technology in over 50 countries, took the top spot. The group employs 5,100 individuals, with offices located in several countries, including the Republic of Moldova.

“At Dyninno Group, we go beyond creating jobs; we cultivate a thriving team. With over 1,100 individuals contributing in our Republic of Moldova offices, this branch stands out as one of our largest within the company group.  As we approach our 20th anniversary in 2024, securing the top spot in the Undelucram.md Top Employers ranking holds special significance, marking a noteworthy achievement in our journey” said Alex Weinstein, Founder of Dyninno Group.

To read more about what Alex Weinstein said, click here. (The original article is in Romanian)

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