How Four Small Businesses Are Getting a Bang for Their AI Buck

Companies with less spending power have been relatively slow to adopt AI, but SMEs around the world are demonstrating how it can be genuinely transformative, even on a modest budget.

Many British SMEs have been slow to adopt AI technologies. A survey by the British Chambers of Commerce found that 48% of 700 small- to medium-sized businesses have no plans to use AI, rising to 58% for customer-facing businesses.

Reasons for the relatively slow uptake among SMEs include concerns about costs, reliability, privacy and scam risks and a general lack of understanding about the technology. But across the world, SMEs have found ways to successfully use AI solutions to enhance their operations.

Away from the industries that spend big on AI, such as financial services, healthcare and telecommunications, SMEs across different sectors and markets, such as these four examples, are quietly transforming their businesses without eliminating the human factor.

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