HR Professionals Need 3 Years to Prepare for AI Impact

According to a survey by Yoho Workplace Strategy, senior HR professionals believe it will take at least three years to prepare for the impact of AI on the workforce. Despite this timeframe, 99% of respondents are optimistic about the benefits AI can bring, including improved decision-making support, increased productivity, automation of routine tasks, and enhanced innovation.

Pavel Bahu, global head of HR at Trevolution Group, emphasizes the importance of HR professionals becoming AI-savvy within the next three years. He states, “By acquiring AI skills, HR professionals can effectively utilize AI-powered tools and platforms, enabling them to streamline operations.” However, he cautions that understanding the ethical implications and ensuring unbiased AI implementation are crucial.

The Yoho research also highlights various concerns, including ethical implications, reduced human interaction, over-dependence on technology, technical issues, and security and privacy.

As AI adoption in HR becomes inevitable, professionals must embrace AI skills and knowledge while maintaining ethical practices throughout the HR landscape.

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