I’m a Travel Agent: Here Are 6 Hidden Hot Spots That Offer a Good Time for a Great Price

Like almost everything else, the cost of travel continues to rise. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still find some great travel opportunities at an affordable price. There are many hidden hot spots across the world to check out if you’re looking for an incredible experience. GOBankingRates spoke with two travel agents, Mercedes Zach from ASAP Tickets (part of Trevolution Group) and Charles Neville of JayWay Travel, to find out which hidden hot spots offer a good time for a great price. Here’s what they said. “For years, Bali has been among the most popular holiday spots; however, since it is not as peaceful and untouched as it once used to be, many travelers are now looking for new, undiscovered and less crowded tropical destinations,” said Zach. One such place is Sumba. “Known for its rugged coastline, exotic beaches, breathtaking natural landscapes, unique traditions and rich history, Sumba is another spectacular island in Indonesia that has recently started to attract tourists who are after an exotic escape. Sumba is located south of Bali, and it’s twice the size of it,” said Zach.

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