Investment Platform Nectaro Attracts Over 1,500 European Investors in the First Quarter of Its Operations

Nectaro, a Latvia-based investment platform licensed by the Bank of Latvia (Latvijas Banka), has attracted more than 1,500 registered investors from 26 countries in the first quarter of its operations, according to the results of the company.

Since the start of operations at the end of November last year, the loan volume originated in the platform has almost reached 800,000 euros, while the average investment sum stands at 4,800+ euros. The current platform clients represent 26 countries, with Latvia as the primary target market, however, interest from customers in other countries is also evident, particularly from Germany, Lithuania, Austria, and Portugal. “We aim to democratize investing and overcome misconceptions about investments as such for individual investors, whose participation in the market becomes more prominent, so I am thrilled that our first months have shown a promising start to our and investors’ journey. The results underline the demand for simple alternative investment solutions in the European market that can pave the way for individuals to achieve their long-term financial goals.

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