Investment Platform Nectaro Attracts Over 1,500 European Investors in the First Quarter of Its Operations

Nectaro, a Latvia-based investment platform licensed by the Bank of Latvia (Latvijas Banka), has attracted more than 1,500 registered clients from 26 countries in the first quarter of its operations, according to the results of the company.   


Since the start of operations at the end of November last year, the loan volume originated in the platform has almost reached 800,000, euros, while the average investment sum stands at 4,800+ euros. The current platform clients represent 26 countries, with Latvia as the primary target market, however, interest from customers in other countries is also evident, particularly from Germany, Lithuania, Austria, and Portugal.   


“We aim to democratize investing and overcome misconceptions about investments as such for individual investors, whose participation in the market becomes more prominent, so I am thrilled that our first months have shown a promising start to our and investors’ journey. The results underline the demand for simple alternative investment solutions in the European market that can pave the way for individuals to achieve their long-term financial goals. We continue our development strategy and have started this year strong by expanding our portfolio with investments, offering secure opportunities with flexible terms”, emphasizes Sigita Kotlere, CEO and Board Member of Nectaro. 


Men in Latvia invest an average of 5,200 euros, while women invest three times less  


The operating results of the first quarter of the Nectaro platform also highlight significant gender differences among Latvian investors. Of the registered investors of the platform, 79% are male investors, and only 21% are female. Not only do male investors demonstrate a distinct numerical advantage, but they also invest almost 3x more than women. The data shows that men invest €5,243.9 on average, while women invest €1,821.59. Nevertheless, current results highlight the potential for women’s participation in the investment market.  


Nectaro’s Focus in 2024: geographic diversification, product line expansion, and re-invest tool 


This year Nectaro will focus on expanding the existing portfolio of investment opportunities, exploring new sectors and geographies to provide investors with a broader range of options. Also, soon the company plans to introduce a reinvestment tool and improve UX functionality for an even better user experience.   


Aiming to bridge the knowledge gap in society on investments and improve financial literacy, Nectaro is offering a knowledge hub on its platform with easy-to-understand content on the advantages and risks of investments, and other useful topics.  As the educational hub has seen great interest from platform visitors, Sigita Kotlere informs that this year Nectaro will improve content diversity for accessible and simplified content that will empower investors to make informed decisions.

Nectaro has received an Investment Brokerage Firm license (License number – Nr 27-55/2023/3) issued by the Bank of Latvia. This license authorizes the company to offer investment services and ancillary investment services. With Nectaro’s state-of-the-art technology investors can monitor their investments, track their returns in real-time and adjust their investment strategy. Additionally, Nectaro provides an early repayment obligation, known as Buyback Obligation, ensuring investors they will receive a full amount of their investment back if the borrower fails to repay the loan. Every investment is a subject to potential risks, therefore Nectaro emphasizes the need to carefully consider individual objectives and risks involved before making any investment decisions.  


About Nectaro:  

Nectaro is a fully licensed investment platform, designed to help investors to support their future by offering passive income opportunities through investments in simple financial instruments – Asset-Backed Securities (ABS). Nectaro is a part of Dyninno Group of Companies, a multinational conglomerate providing products and services in travel, entertainment, and finance technology sectors in over 50 countries. 

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