The Most Dangerous Cybersecurity Threats Revealed By 40 IT Experts, including Dynatech CTO

Due to the pandemic, many traditional brick-and-mortar businesses have been forced to digitalize despite not being prepared for it. This has led to many security risks.

Even businesses that have a history of operating online have been affected because their employees who started working remotely have fewer security measures on their home devices.

We want to help you deal with all these threats that could seriously damage your business and find out what you must do to protect it.

We reached out to 40 cybersecurity experts and asked them the following question:

What are the top cyber security threats that your clients face?

Some of the answers received talk about the same threats. This only shows the importance and the frequency of those risks. Other experts may describe a particular threat that you haven’t encountered so far. It could be specific to a certain type of expertise or country

We appreciate the variety of answers that we received that allows us to form a complete picture of the latest cybersecurity threats

Without further introduction let’s see what the experts had to say.

Andrey Ivashin, Dyninno

We live in the IT era – our lives have been digitized. The regular, written form of data has transformed into digital data, and this digital data is stored somewhere in the Network.

Data has become the new currency — based on digital data analysis, businesses are making strategic business decisions, and vital medical conclusions are being drawn from digital data analysis, too.

Since the value of data has been increasing hackers and cyber attackers are interested in stealing any data they can possibly get access to. This means that hackers could steal sensitive commercial data and threaten to publish it, ransomware all systems, or violate data integrity and influence your business results and processes.

The more we are digitalizing — the more vulnerable we become. Therefore, the importance of information security is increasing.

Unfortunately, professional «hacking-as-a-service» became a low-cost and more attainable service, too — now intruders do not even need to invest in expensive hardware nor have deep IT knowledge — they can just inquire about such service on Darknet markets.

It leads to an increase in the count of simple, but massive cyber threats that harm both individuals and organizations.

Talking about our experience — I can say that we see tens of thousands of cyber-attack attempts on Dyninno Group systems daily.

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