Trevolution Group Expands to the Philippines as a New Acquisition Market

Trevolution Group has identified the Philippines as its new acquisition market after selling 140,000 airline tickets to the country from the USA last year. The Group’s ticket sales to the Philippines grew 4.5 times versus 2021, with most buyers travelling from major US cities.

According to Peter Vazan, CEO of ITN, part of Trevolution Group, “Thanks to the significant Filipino community in North America, the Philippines has been our key market for many years in a row.” He further added that “The new acquisition markets will give us a sales boost – once the operations are started, we expect to serve more than 50,000 passengers during the first year alone.

In 2022, countries that accounted for the most booked flights from Trevolution included the Philippines, India, Nigeria, Italy and Pakistan. With the addition of the Philippines and the UK as new acquisition markets, Trevolution Group is poised to further increase its global reach and strengthen its presence in the travel industry.

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