Jevgenijs Pesins

Director of Administration for Latvia and Europe Region

Abbas El Seblani

Executive Vice President of Contact Center Management

Aleksejs Grigorjevs

VOIP Subdivision Manager

Anatolijs Volobujevs

IT Operations Team Lead

Kaspars Andersons

Help Desk Divison Manager

Vadims Gedzs

Lead DevOps Engineer R&D

Alex Weinstein

Founder of Dyninno Group of Companies

Yevgeny Senderov

Chief Executive Officer

Puneet Kumar

CTO, India

Abhishek Bagga

HR Director, Dyninno Technologies India

Shahen Melikyan

Chief Legal Officer

Andrey Ivashin

Chief Information Technology Officer

Dmitry Smyslov

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Alexey Kuprin

Chief Administrative Officer

Kseniya Popova

Head of Talent and Executive Search

Katya Belousova

Head of PR&IC

Armine Pogosyan

IT HR Director