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Our friendly, energetic, and ambitious team is currently looking for a key member as a Talent Acquisition Manager. The chosen candidate will play an integral part in the development of our existing facility and set a new benchmark. The Talent Acquisition Manager is responsible for making recruitment plans and delivery along with planning, sourcing, hiring and managing the candidate’s pipeline. The role is expected to exhibit self-discipline and autonomy in all work efforts and is generally guided by an HR leader. 



  • Strategic Planning. Develop and execute a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy for bulk hiring. Collaborate with senior management to align recruitment goals with organizational objectives. Analyze workforce trends, market conditions, and industry best practices to inform recruitment strategies. 
  • Team Leadership. Lead and mentor a high-performing talent acquisition team, providing guidance and support in achieving hiring targets. Foster a collaborative and positive work environment that promotes innovation and continuous improvement. 
  • Recruitment Process Optimization. Design and streamline efficient and effective recruitment processes tailored for bulk hiring. Utilize/implement technology solutions to enhance the recruitment process and improve overall candidate experience. 
  • Sourcing and Outreach: Utilize various channels to source a large volume of qualified candidates, including job boards, social media, networking events, and industry partnerships. Develop and maintain relationships with recruitment agencies, colleges, and other talent pipelines relevant as per local market. 
  • Candidate Assessment and Selection. Implement rigorous screening processes and assessment tools to identify quality candidates efficiently. Collaborate with hiring managers regularly to ensure alignment on candidate profiles and hiring criteria. 
  • Employer Branding and Candidate Experience. Enhance the organization’s employer brand/presence/presence within the contact center industry to attract top talent. Develop and execute employer branding initiatives, including participation in industry events and forums. And ensure a high level of candidate experience. 
  • Data Analysis and Reporting. Track and analyze recruitment metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of talent acquisition strategies. Provide regular reports to senior management on key performance indicators and recruitment outcomes to maximize the ROI. 
  • Measures of Success: 1) Fulfillment within TAT, 2) Source Mix, 3) Hiring Conversions 4) Hiring Manager Experience, and 5) Candidate Experience. 



  • Candidates should have a rich work experience of 13-15 years in the relevant TA domain; 
  • Strong understanding of local/regional laws and nuances related to Recruitment; 
  • Proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment; 
  • Strong professional presence and ability to work effectively with senior business leaders to influence and make significant decisions; 
  • Experience with developing and executing strategies to build a diverse workforce; 
  • Exhibit ability to adapt communication style to the style of others, developing rapport and staying calm under pressure; 
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in HR/Social Work/ from top business schools; 
  • Exceptional Excel and PowerPoint skills; 
  • Strong focus on delivery and results with high energy levels; 
  • Experience of working in a fast-paced environment; 
  • Strong negotiation skills, including internally within the company and with customers or suppliers; 
  • Experience in global team collaboration and/ or relevant experience; 
  • High process orientation and strong analytical skills; 
  • Strong business understanding. 



  • Very competitive compensation package; negotiable based on demonstrated experience. 
  • Engagement with a major international group. 
  • Hands-on experience with industry-defining innovative trends. 
  • Guaranteed growth for interested individuals. 
  • International and multicultural experience. 
  • Unlimited professional development. 
  • Modern office with all facilities and relaxation areas, located in one of the best and most advanced business areas in Cebu. 

Dyninno Cebu, Ronnie Barwela (Webster), Senior Sales Supervisor, ITN

Senior Sales Supervisor, ITN

Ronnie Barwela (Webster) has a success story that speaks of hard work, determination, and the right opportunities. But above all, he believes that the secret to every small success is one’s work ethic. 

In his five-year journey with Dyninno, Webster faced many challenges but remained steadfast in his responsibilities and actions. His work ethic led to a promotion to Sales Supervisor, and ten months later, he was promoted again to Senior Sales Supervisor.

With financial freedom as his goal, Webster’s hard work and skills, as seen at Dyninno, paid off. He was able to save and buy a lot, and his future home will be built next month. Webster’s success was made possible with the help of his life coaches and colleagues, who supported him in finding his forte in sales and his niche with his teams.

Webster’s success story serves as an inspiration to others who may be facing challenges in their lives. By remaining committed and persistent in your pursuit of success, you can achieve your dreams and create a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

Dream big, don’t be afraid to be curious, work hard and be humble all the time. Shine like the stars and be bigger than the moon. 

With us you will:

  • Be a part of a top tier team of professionals, work on global projects that reach millions worldwide, create complex one-of-a-kind in-house products and solutions.
  • Get opportunities for professional development: learn new skills with online courses, broaden your network in local and international conferences, receive mentoring.
  • Enjoy our learning oriented culture: learn and exchange ideas in lectures and workshops led by your colleagues and team leaders.
  • Get extra benefits for your health and well-being, organised well-being lectures and workshops to promote and support self-care, arranged office yoga class, vaccination days in the office, and much more.
  • Get treated with delicacies at the office with snack days and supply of fresh fruit and delicious coffee.
  • Enjoy a variety of employee discount programs and have fun at monthly internal activities and celebrations.
  • Work from a spacious, modern, and well-equipped offices.

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